Top Ten Secrets to getting more sales from Twitter!

What is the secret to getting sales from Twitter? This is a question I am always asked. So I am going to let you in on my secret…..well some of the secret anyway! If I told you all about it you wouldn’t come to my Twitter workshops lol!

The Secrets are:

Interact - We use twitter as a Social platform. Chat to people, say what you think (within reason, avoid controversy)  Encourage interaction by asking a question, asking people’s opinion etc

Engage - If you see something intersesting being tweeted, comment. Encourage others to engage with you by asking their opinion. Give feedback when asked for feedback. Congratulate someone with good news…then continue the conversation by asking more about it. Perhaps share the good news with your followers also.

Be positive - If you are having a bad day and feel crap, just take a break from Twitter. We all love a bit of positivity. If you win an award shout about it! If you see a nice picture or scene, share it. Everyone likes to feel good. And someone else could be having a bad day so you could be helping them too.

independent article

Assist others with RTs and shoutouts - If you see someone new has joined Twitter, assist them by connecting them with others who have the same interests or are in the same area. This encourages offline meetings for coffee. I do this all the time!

Be nice - Don’t bitch about others. If you see a lot of negativity, be the one to change the mood.  Get people thinking…use a nice quote and don’t judge. This is difficult to do sometimes but try to keep an open mind. There are two sides to every story.

People will notice you especially if you are tweeting a bit different to others.  e.g on the #latelate show hashtag get involved in the conversation but don’t be bitchy. Don’t forget the people on the show will probably read the tweets afterwards so think about them too.

Use great content. Blog about your area of expertise so you become known as the ‘Go To’ person on that particular subject.

If you do all of these things ….the sales will magically appear in your inbox.  People will know you are the ‘Go To’ person and recommend you to others who may not be following you. Followers = allies = marketeers for you.

Be yourself though, if you are not a nice person in real life people will cop on to this very fast. We can spot falseness a mile away!  Don’t insult your followers intelligence by being false. And remember this….you just never know who is watching you….there are lots of high influencers and journalists on Twitter so always keep this in mind!

Build relationships - If you build good relationships with others, they will happily recommend you to others …this leads to sales.

Introduce at least one person to someone beneficial to each other every working day.  This could be as simple as introducing folk to #irishbizparty or to active helpful tweeters to help them spread the word about an offer etc.

Be active - Get on Twitter at the busy times of the day. Evenings are best between 10-11pm I recommend Tweeting 10 times per day. You can throw in 3 sales type tweets but the rest should be chatting and engaging others with content etc

So….go for it, be yourself, be nice to others, assist others and spread the twitter magic. Won’t be long before your brand awareness rises and people start coming to you to do business!

See you there!


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My Dad and Del Boy

Phew! This working for yourself lark is hard work!  I don’t know where the drive to succeed has come from but I do know that it is tiring stuff!

I have been through so much on this roller coaster of entrepreneurship.  My Dad passing away might have given me the push to get started in business in the first place. I had that ‘You only live once attitude’ and it certainly kick started me into gear.  My Dad was a bit of a Del Boy. He used to say to me: Sam, if we could just think of one simple invention we could be millionaires!’

del boy

Dad worked really hard. He was a painter and Decorator and was very skilled and hated people who didn’t do the job right. He was a bit of a perfectionist I suppose.  He was probably a bit of a workaholic too as he was always building something or other either in the garden or indoors. I always seemed to be holding a ladder, a level or a Philips screwdriver (Yes I know what a Philips screwdriver is).  I even know what a level is and a tape measure!

But I realised today that I have learned a lot from him (Well the only thing I didn’t actually learn was how to change a puncture but apparently my younger sis knows how to do this) I always raised my eyes to heaven when he suggested he showed me.

My Dad was a bit like Del Boy, lovable, bit awkward when it came to showing affection like a hug etc and he even wore a cap like Del Boy.  He had several cars in the driveway in case anyone of us ever broke down (He even gave a stranger a loan of one of these cars one day as he had broken down outside his house)

Dad pipe

He was always helping others out and never expected anything in return.  And if he saw someone struggling he would help them (Especially young men who seemed to be going down the wrong path. He would always give them a chance. Give them some work etc)

He never judged others either. Always kept his mouth shut and smoked his pipe when others were bitching. He would never get dragged into the session.  He loved life, loved to sing, loved his pint and his pipe.

What has this got to do with Entrepreneurship? Everything. Dad was a great listener. He reached out and helped others and he worked hard.  He never judged. Gave people the benefit of the doubt. Stayed away from Controversy too.  Most successful people do all of these things.  They keep things simple. They help out someone starting out on the Entrepreneurial journey. They share information and knowledge.

So my Dad and Del Boy? Well, that lovable character who sometimes messed up, didn’t always get it right but always persisted and kept going regardless is a real characteristic of an entrepreneur.  So this one is for you Dad!  Am going to keep going and use what you have taught me to succeed and live a life you would be proud of.

easy success


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Am sick of it! Time to take action for SMEs!

Starting a business in Ireland or indeed anywhere, takes courage, determination, persistence and endless positivity.

The Entrepreneurial journey is a bit of a Roller coaster to say the least. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what kind of obstacles can affect us. I have compiled a little list. Please don’t let this list put you off. Am merely pointing out the things that us Entrepreneurs come up against and that we need help with from the Government.  I was a lone parent on the Carer’s allowance when I started my business in October 2011. (My Daughter Leah has diabetes type 1 and Abi who is 7 is hearing impaired with a severe language delay) so this was my income when I decided to start out.   And these were the factors that went against me when I got my business idea.

If you are already in the poverty trap e.g. On social welfare, with no education or savings, how can you start a business? Ok lots of people would say that you don’t need money to start a business. But let’s say you haven’t worked for a while, have been surviving on 220 per week and have kids.  You have no savings and all of your family and friends are kinda in the same boat.


If you want to be legitimate and start your business you can go on the Back to work enterprise scheme.  There is a long waiting list for this. Which means that while you are waiting…(sometimes months, by the way) .a competitor could come up (or take) your idea in the meantime. The delay between you being able to do what you wanted can be purely due to lack of finance. This is so unfair. It means that if you are in the poverty trap and you have an amazing idea, you can lose out your chance of climbing out of it because someone else who had money already got in there before you.  This isn’t right.

To Register a business you need 30 euros. And money for a stamp.

To register a trademark you need 70 euros. Perhaps more.

To do a start your own business course, even if it’s supplemented by Enterprise boards, it will cost you 50 euros. I think that no one should be accepted on these courses unless the Enterprise board already has agreed to fund them afterwards.  I see people starting businesses in a room full of hope and ready to rock n roll only to have their dreams dashed when they finish the course and go out of the door.  Where is the follow up for these bright sparks who are actually trying to get out there, get up off their ass and DO something to improve their circumstances? They go out the door and then what? This is why I set up irishbizparty. This network is FREE and we support one another with advice and just a listening ear sometimes can mean the difference between losing hope and continuing.


To have Wi-Fi and a laptop (Access to the internet) you will have to get connected if you aren’t already and then pay 50 per month for the wi-fi.

You will need a phone. So I suggest a FREE phone and calls for a year.  On a strict maximum usage of 50 euros worth package – not to go mental ringing your brother in Australia! Am sure you will keep with your provider in future – this can be a condition perhaps from the network provider?

A Laptop is 350 euros minimum.

Register a domain name.  Pay for a web designer. Ok some of you are saying but sure don’t the Government fund these things.  No……they pay you a bit of it (If you are approved) AFTER you pay……but hang on……I can’t pay cos I don’t have money to pay for a website… can’t give you an invoice so that the Government will pay for it!!! Even the online voucher need to pay the full amount first and then you get half back.  THIS DOES NOT HELP someone who is in the poverty trap who has a great business idea.Where on earth are they going to get 5k to show in their bank account?

Business cards & fliers minimum of 100 euros.

Clothes – you need to look good, need some new clothes to make a good impression and attend meetings. You’re tracksuit or jeans won’t do.  Or at least you need new jeans depending on the type of product or service you are selling of course.

My suggestion is this:

For every person who decides they want to start a business: If they get feedback from someone official who thinks its a good idea they should immediately get a FREE business plan service from a mentor. No I don’t mean pay 200 for mentoring sessions – which take ages to organize…….WE don’t have 200 euros remember.  I think the Government should supply and Pay for a mentor and a business plan.

If you get accepted on the Back to Work Enterprise Scheme, this should mean that your business plan looked good enough for them. If it does, then why do the banks etc ask you for another one? This one should suffice for any loans etc.

Obstacle:Ah but the problem is that because I never had any money I missed a few direct debits on my bank account so I don’t have a great record: So ….this isn’t going to look good when I go to the bank.

My solution would be that anyone who applies for the Back to Work Enterprise Scheme be given 2000 euros of vouchers.  Not cash ….vouchers.  For the website, clothes for meetings, laptop, etc Even for childminding services that will accept the vouchers as payment so you can attend meetings etc.  This money can be paid back at 10 euros per month or higher if the business takes off.

The Back to Work Enterprise allowance be reviewed every year and see how you are getting on. If the business isn’t taking in a profit or paying you a wage yet, it shouldn’t go down by 25% which it does at the moment.

It should stay the same until it is obvious that you can pay yourself a wage.

Access to an accountant should be FREE. Paid for by the Government.  Chances are the Entrepreneur will come back as a paying customer anyway.

If the business is successful, then they can become part of an Entrepreneur group that can advise the next batch up upcoming Entrepreneurs.  And so on…..

If you have any ideas yourself on solutions for us Entrepreneurs and business owners, please comment here.

If you want to chat about any of this or meet others who have great ideas just like you, come along to the next #irishbizparty conference on Sept 16th in Killarney. (By the way I deliberately made the tickets affordable at only 30 euros so that Start ups could afford to come along. So book your space here  and See you there!

Let’s give SMEs a voice!

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Do nice guys finish last?

Do nice guys finish last?

Hmm… have often wondered about this. I am known for assisting others especially those who ask for a RT on Twitter or I often give a bit extra to clients by way of time or Tweets etc.  I often give great ideas to clients and to fellow SMEs or start ups so they usually go away armed with a ‘To Do’ list and a bit of enthusiasm too!  I like to do this. And I don’t expect anything in return….or do I? I think that if you help someone out, the key is to NOT expect anything in return….but then it actually comes back to you in some other bizarre way! (Am sure you have stories like this)

On my journey into business I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 types of people.

GIVERSGivers are those who go out of their way to help others either by mentoring, sharing their insights, or lending a hand when possible without seeking anything in return. I see a lot of LEADERS with these qualities. But it’s all about getting the balance right. Givers will quickly realise who the takers are and make sure that they select carefully those they wish to assist. They will also remember those who take mostly and you can be assured that this is learned very quickly. It could be something as simple as asking to share a blog post or if they give some assistance or share knowledge the ‘Taker’ is almost always never in touch again once they get what they want.

helping others

Givers can rapidly burnout in large organizations. Their desire to help others causes them to take on more than their normal responsibilities. Or they go unnoticed because of their reticence to accept recognition for their accomplishments.  Rarely will a Giver want recognition anyway so sometimes they go unnoticed in big organizations. The Taker is much more likely to shout when they do something amazing.

TAKERSTakers are people who when working with others try to get as much out of the relationship for their own personal benefit and give back as little as they can in return. In their view, this is the quickest way to success. They will jump in when any topic relates to them and they will only talk to people who they think can benefit them in some way.  I think we all know some like this! I tend to avoid these kind of people and keep well away. So how do they succeed? Are they actually doing themselves or their business any favours? It seems to me that takers show a lot on the outside that might make them LOOK successful but they are usually more suited to large corporations than small business owners. The bigger the company the less likely it is to be noticed that you aren’t pulling your weight or working together as part of a team.


MATCHERS: Representing the majority of us, this group fall somewhere in the middle. The matcher is happy to grant favours for a favour. They are also more likely to support a GIVER as they don’t like to see Takers succeed. (As usually the ‘Taker’ is too busy climbing over the Matchers to succeed)!



I have always been adamant that I am not going to change my down to earth personality no matter how successful I become. I strive to do the right things and help others out as I’ve been there before. Hadn’t money for coal or clothes for the kids. Had to search in the pennies jar for money to give the teen for her lunches. So even if I succeed in getting to a place where I no longer have to search in the pennies jar, can pay my debts and bills and am happy with what I am doing in life, I will never climb over another to achieve success. I am always happy to assist if someone genuinely is stuck and needs help. And I won’t change for anyone to ‘fit in’ with the crowd.

success way down


Which one are you?  

Check out Adam Grant’s bookGive and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success 






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Why I’m so happy the kids are back at school!

 I am ‘lucky that I can work from home’, that is what people tell me.  Yes I agree that it is great that I don’t have to pay rent in an office. But there are disadvantages too!
This is the reality….and this is why I am delighted the kids are back to school!
When you are on a business call, you can be guaranteed that a crisis or drama such as ‘Where is my tweezers’ will crop up!
Or my 7 year old will have something really exciting to show me on the TV (new Lellie kelly shoes with sparkles)
working from home
You have a webinar or skype call with that CEO you have been dying to get a slot with and inevitaby the 7 year old will come in to show them her hamster.  The teen will come in to say ‘There’s nothing to eat in this house’ (cupboard full of food, what she means is chocolate) and then have a strop when you say you are on a call lol.
The washing machine will start it’s spin cycle as you get a call from a client.
The washing mounts up and the housework suffers.
It’s lonely and isolating.
You end up slouching in the chair much more as no one can see you!
The dogs start barking at the postman coming in just as you decided to do that cold call sale.
The kitchen has been converted into a clutter office corner
There are many advantages too of course. And I am lucky really to have my own business and to have such wonderful children too. I am really grateful that I am in this position.  But just thought it should be said that sometimes it can go against you especially when you are on that all important phone call. Has happened to me!
Also I find that my family seem to think I am on Facebook or playing video games or something! They don’t seem to realise that I am not just chatting to pals gossiping on the phone I am organizing stuff or negotiating with a client or just giving great customer service by asking them about their day!  I feel that I’m not taken seriously….it’s not a real job….aaargh! (Hate that comment, ‘why don’t you just get  a real job)’
Hopefully in future I will look back and be happy that I got to be here for my children. This is priceless indeed.  It is nice to know I am here if they need me. And I’m not too far away in case of emergency. (Even if said emergency is to find the hairbrush)


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Top 5 Reasons you haven’t many Twitter followers

Twitter is so powerful as a marketing tool for your business. But a lot of Businesses are not using it correctly. You have created your Twitter account. You are ready to go forth into Twitter land and be amazing. You are using hashtags, following Twitter rock stars and influencers… are Telling people you are there……but you aren’t getting many followers!! What is going on? Well… could be because of these 5 reasons: (my own pet hates by the way)

1.  Your Twitter avatar looks like this: You are an Egghead 


2. You link Facebook to Twitter.  I NEVER click on a Facebook link on Twitter and I never RT a Facebook link either. They are two completely different platforms.  If I want to see stuff on Facebook I would be on Facebook.

3. You do #FF (Follow Fridays) with 4 other people and with no reason why I should follow them

4. You ask people you have never engaged with before for Re Tweets. (I hold my hands up and admit that  although I had interacted with this person before, It had been quite a while and I was on late at night and asked could he RT something for me…..won’t do it again)!!  It is not a good idea. And I understand why now as it happened to me recently and I was a bit annoyed that someone was asking me to do something for them and I didn’t have any idea who they were. Looked at their account and could see they were asking lots of people to do the same.  They didn’t get a RT from me

5. You DM  (Direct message)with a sales pitch after I follow you. Or, one of my pet hates… automated message.


Top 5 ways to get more followers:

1. Engage and Interact – Chat…..ask questions, share your knowledge.

2. Put up interesting content. Don’t give away all your tips but do share info that others will find useful and chances are you will get a Re Tweet.  Or better still, you will get feedback or questions or even a customer! Imagine!!!  It happens me all the time, honest, it works….if you show yourself as the expert in what you do, chances are someone will see that you are the expert and think….’now this person is who I need to talk to’.

3. Make your bio interesting enough for me to follow you in the first place. Put up as much info as possible. Is your website there? Can I buy from you today? How do I contact you? Where are you?

4. Tweet something that your customers will be interested in. Does it offer value? Is it a special offer or discount? Is there an interesting picture with the tweet? Tweets that have pictures are more likely to be Re Tweeted than those that don’t.

5. Assist others. When you help out someone else by spreading the word, I guarantee you that they will reciprocate at some stage.

It’s really quite simple. Spend time getting to know your followers. These followers are potential customers and your very own army of marketeers. So respect them and treat them well or you could end up with none!  We are an impatient lot, we want info that is useful or entertaining or interesting so keep us interested!

Off you go now and be amazing! And if you want to learn more….my next Twitter workshop is in Dublin in September. You can book here 





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Why a RT or ‘Share’ is so important to SMEs

SMEs are struggling to keep afloat at the moment but things are looking up a teeny bit as people are realizing that sometimes just a ‘click’ on Re Tweet or the ‘Share’ button is there for you to spread the word for them.

Before it was word of mouth only that got you sales and new clients. But with the emergence of Social Media it couldn’t be easier for you to help out your local shop or Entrepreneur.  Do something good today.

Your Good Deed can be as simple as sharing the latest deal or news from someone who has gone to the effort of organizing an event or writing an article.  Start ups especially have taken a risk by starting something new. So they need your support.  Click on that ‘Share’ button, Click RT for them. Let’s get this country back on it’s feet and help our Small business owners get the recognition they deserve!

share button

I know lots of business owners who started a business out of necessity due to the recession taking their partner’s job and usually they have no marketing budget at all.  So they rely on Social Media to spread the word and get their message out there. So go on, RT or share this post and let’s work together to give a helping hand to all those courageous, hard working Small business owners in Ireland today!

Check out the #irishbizparty hashtag on Wednesday nights or share our conference that we have organized to help SMEs get together and learn new skills and meet others just like them. Or better still come along yourself and be inspired!! The next conference is in Killarney on September 16th. You can see the details of the speakers and line up here 

Watch the video to see what happened at the last one we had!

We appreciate any help you give us to spread the word.  Who knows your RT or Share could make all the difference between us taking on an employee or making that all important connection that will help us to keep in business!  Thank you!


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Amazing Irish Women that you should be following on Twitter

I’ve just noticed something today. There are a few Women out there who are really making an impact in Ireland who don’t seem to be getting enough recognition for what they do in my opinion.  Some of these Women are very active on Social Media but not all of them. All the more reason to start following them now and start building relationships with them!

These Women are feminine, kind with giving their time and support to start ups and help others out with spreading the word when you need a little help.  I’ve noticed it on Twitter especially.  They are also incredibly glamorous.   So here are my top ten list of Irish Women who are rocking the Business scene

1. Marissa Carter @Cartermarissa 

marissa award

Marissa Carter, IMAGE Magazine Irish Startup of the Year 2013 award winner and creator of the multi-award winning Irish fake tanning range, Cocoa Brown Tan that sells 3 bottles of tan every single minute. After just 18 months since its launch, Cocoa Brown is now sold in all the major retail groups such as Primark/Penneys, Superdrug, Tesco and Boots.  

Marissa will be speaking at the next #irishbizparty conference in Killarney Book tickets here 

2. Dee O Leary@IDMEwristbands

dee idme

Dee from Cork is founder of IDME wristbands.  Through sheer determination and juggling her home life with 3 young children, Deirdre has been successful in being selected to attend the PINC programme in 2013 at the Rubicon Centre Cork for Female Entrepreneurs where she won ‘Best Business Opportunity’ with IDME at the final showcase. At the Irish Maternity & Infant Awards 2013 Deirdre was awarded the title of ‘Business Parent of the Year’ and IDME wristbands are currently in the 2014 finals in the ‘Best Safety Product’ and ‘Best Travel Gadget’ categories. 2014 recipient of the Nimbus ‘ Internet of Things’ research grant and winner of the Cork Innovates ‘US Business Development Award’  Dee was chosen from a field of Female Entrepreneurs to travel to the States to meet industry leaders and help develop her business with the help of their expertise.

3. Ellen Kavanagh@WaxpertsEllen


Ellen says: “I opened Waxperts salon in 2008. I couldn’t find a wax range that I loved so I decided I’d make my own. I worked with a chemist and refinery to create Waxperts Wax. It is the most flexible hot wax in the world which means its less painful and more effective. We launch this to the trade in 2012 and now Waxperts Wax is stocked in over 300 salons and spas in Ireland, all through the UK, and in Poland. We recently returned from a huge trade show in Vegas where we met with big US distributors and beauty brands. Every salon in the world uses wax and we want it to be Waxperts! The potential for growth is massive. We are so excited for the future! ”  But not only that, I have seen Ellen helping others on Twitter and she is very supportive of upcoming Female Entrepreneurs.

4. Susan Kelly - @susankelly101

susan kelly

Susan is the owner of Bella Hen Eggs. Based in Wexford she now has her Free Range eggs in many Super Valu and independent stores. But the main thing about Susan is that sheer determination and hard work has finally paid off as she is now getting the recognition she deserves. Susan has always been very supportive of other SMEs and is very active in her locality helping and volunteering for all kinds of things too.

5. Holly Shorthall @HollywoodDublin 

hollly dublin

Holly caught my eye on Twitter last year, and am delighted to see her star rising.  She is an Irish Fashion Illustrator, featured on Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Cosmopolitan & MTV’s Websites, and on E!News. Great Tweets too! Very supportive and real.

6. Gill Brady @Gillianfuschia

gill brady

Gill owns Fuschia make up, it’s an Irish brand of make up that is really making an impact lately on Twitter. Her make up brand is getting rave reviews and She has her own very inspiring story to tell. Her honest account of her business caught my eye on a Sunday business post article about Irish Women in the beauty industry.  I also use her make up myself so She is definitely one to watch!

7. Susan Hayes @Susanhayes_ 

susan hayes

Susan Hayes – The Positive Economist is a trainer in Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship. Author of the ‘Savvy Women’s guide to Financial Freedom’  Not only that though, she is very supportive of Female Entrepreneurship and she is a fantastic networker. Susan is also speaking at the next #irishbizparty conference. Book here 

8. MargaretEWard. @MargaretEWard 

margaret e ward

Margaret’s bio reads like this: CEO, Clear Ink & Broadly Speaking. Boat rocker. Former financial journalist, broadcaster (Newstalk, Irish Times, Sunday Times). NewYawka. Margaret is the founder of  @WomenOnAirIE  Women on Air ….Putting the broads into Irish broadcasting! Women on Air is a voluntary networking group that gives women the skills and confidence to go on radio/TV. Margaret actively campaigns to get more Women on air and is a great supporter of Women everywhere.

9. Jillian Godsil @jilliangodsil


Jillian is a journalist, writer and freelance broadcaster and recent candidate in the European Elections. She has confronted the highs and lows of having your own business, losing it all and becoming bankrupt. She will tell how she has lived her life despite these challenges. Her mantra is ‘it’s not enough to survive, you have to live as well’. Jillian is speaking at the first Women’s Inspire Network event in Wexford September 3rd. Book tickets here 

10.  Debbie O’Brien @DecadentB

debbie morone pic

Debbie is the owner of Decadent Beauty.  Debbie has inspired me so much and definitely doesn’t get the kudos she so deserves. A mother of twins, Debbie was born with spina bifida & scoliosis.  She works hard to provide for herself & her family. Debbie has recently been given the chance to bring Motives to Ireland. This brand has been in the UK for a number of years so this is a massive opportunity for her. Debbie is determined to succeed with this new project and with her tenacity for life there is no doubt that she will.  She has helped me so much with her support and loyalty to myself and to other Female Entrepreneurs which means so much as being in business can be a lonely place unless you have the support of others.

So there you go! These Women are on my list as I have noticed that they actively support others and this is so important when you are a Woman starting out on the journey of Entrepreneurship.   A listening ear, a hand up or a RT can go a long way to making someone’s day who is starting out.  So give them a follow and show your support!





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My Top Tips for getting your Start up noticed!

Most of us starting out in business have taken the courageous step but are stuck on how to get their business noticed.  Most start ups have a very limited budget so you have to be careful. I had no budget for marketing so I used Twitter and Facebook to marker my business.  So before you go spending a fortune try these top tips I have put together first!

  • Find out who your target market listens to on the radio or watches on TV. What newspaper do they read? What magazines or social media platforms are they most likely to be on? Listen to the radio and target the talk show radio stations or ring them if you hear them talking about anything relevant to what you are doing.
  • Write a press release. Send the press release to any radio/TV program, magazine or paper that you think would be interested in your product or service. This should be interesting with pics and have a hook or problem/ crisis that you have the solution for. Add a bit of your personal story too. Follow the email/phone calls up.

DD STILLrte clip

  • Use Twitter. It does depend on what market you are targeting, but me I started to use it straight away to tell people what I was doing. Actually, I shouted it. To fit what you do into 140 characters can be difficult but work on it, and include the link to your site! When you gain a certain amount of followers, you can let a bit more about you or other subjects go into your tweets. Follow business people and influencers. You want them to notice you and get on their radar.
  • Use #irishbizparty every Wednesday night 9-11pm . Plenty of other entrepreneurs out there just like you who would love to help you get out there! Also have linked up with us and they feature the #Starbiz every week on their site. Follow them here 
  • Get photos of you with well known people/personalities. Always put pictures up of anyone you meet, as people want to see who you are hanging out with!
  • I volunteer at Radio Active which is an online charity Radio Station. This helps me do something good AND raises my profile so if you want to do something like this ask do they need any volunteers at your local radio station or indeed chat to Mark from Radio Active and get involved.

me goddess hour


  • Get involved in something worthwhile like a charity that is close to your heart. Promote and shout about it as it will help raise awareness for the charity and show people that you are human and have a heart. People like to get to know who they are dealing with. Charities need help always to raise awareness and to promote them. Also, listen to other start ups and assist them with Re tweets or spreading the word about what they are doing. That way they are more likely to do the same.


  • Carry business cards, everywhere!! Give them to anyone you chat to, tell the world or anyone who will listen about what you do, and who you are!  Or wear a tee shirt with your name on it!! (Walking advertisement)


  • Go to as many places where your target market hangs out. Let them know you are there!
  • Blog about what you do, make it interesting so people will share it for their friends to see.  Show yourself as the Expert in what you do!
  • Dress differently or wear warm colors or colors that suit your personality! Make an effort to stand out.
  • Use consistent pictures and branding tools across the net so people can relate all the information they come across to you, like the same headshot, tag line for instance.
  • Ask for help from more experience business people. If you ask, business leaders are usually happy to assist you with advice or just pointing you in the right direction

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How being in recovery has helped me in Business

I am feeling very grateful today.  Through my journey into the business world and the social media world I have experienced many ups and downs. As an Entrepreneur you need to learn every single day. I learned something new yesterday.

I had my book launch. And it was a huge evening for me …although I felt a bit weird. I didn’t quite know why but now I do.

book centre outside

As someone who is in recovery. (I haven’t had a drink for 6 years) the emphasis was on learning how to live without drink one day at a time. I had to learn a whole new way of living. In fact I had no idea how normal people lived.  Years ago when I had a hangover I would see a guy out washing his car. I used to think ‘How boring’.  But now….I cherish these little moments. Such as planting flowers in the garden, going for a walk with the dogs, sitting snuggled up with my children.

We also say that it’s very important to talk about what is going on for us. And this applies to the Entrepreneur also.  We can get so caught up in our business that we sometimes feel isolated and alone. But when we talk to another Entrepreneur we realize that we aren’t the only ones who are experiencing the same problems and issues.  We can Identify with each other.

Also there are many slogans I live by as I try to live my life as a ‘normal’ person.  These slogans can apply to the Entrepreneur also.  Such as ‘Keep it Simple’ or ‘Easy does it’ ‘Think, Think, Think.’ Before we ‘react’ to something, we need to step back and think it through.  We need to step back and see why are we doing this? Is it working, is there another way we need to do things etc.

Don’t judge others

Assist others

Be kind

Don’t bitch about others

We can’t control what people think of us. Give them the right to be wrong. Letting Go….all of these apply when you are in Business too.

I decided to set up the support network #irishbizparty so that there would be a safe network of people and a place where we could share good news and also ask for help. The most difficult thing can be asking for help.   It isn’t a network for getting sales. It’s a support network. All run voluntary by it’s members.

I had my book launch last night and am a bit overwhelmed by how far people came to be there. How they took time out on a Friday night to be there ….to be there for me.  It made me realize that I am no longer alone. I am adding value to people’s lives. It makes me feel like  a useful member of society and that I am doing well……I am no longer that person who was addicted to drink, selfish and full of fear. I am a person who helps others and they appreciate it.



There are others who don’t like me and constantly target me with hate and horrible comments. But I don’t care about them anymore. I keep good people close to me and I keep far away from those who want to drag me down.  This toxic, dark and horrible type of thing is everywhere not just in the business world as we all know. You can see the suffering in Gaza, the evil of September 11th etc.  They are a minority Thank Goodness. I think most folk are good.

All I want is to have a happy home, happy family and be able to pay bills. I suffered for too long with no money to give my children what they need.  I know money isn’t everything but when you haven’t got any it means something to you.  I have everything I need. Not necessarily everything I want lol…..but definitely everything I need.  Two beautiful girls, a roof over my head and food. I even have some nice things such as a car and TV, computer, phone etc. Not the latest gadgets but enough to get the job done! lol

I suppose that I feel a bit weird today because I have reached my dream.  My dream of being a better person and not finding solace in alcohol and falseness.  So if I can inspire one other Woman or Man to go for it, even if they are suffering now….it can get better with hard work and support.   I mean from the bottom of my heart….Thank you……Thank you to all of you who have supported me on my journey so far.  xx

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How to make the most of Twitter at your next event

I have seen a few posts recently from people wondering is it really important to have people tweeting at conferences. Social media has become such an integral part of events and here’s why:

Hashtags for events provide Free marketing for the event organizers.  If people tweet about what is going on at the event, curious Tweeps will click to see what it is all about. (We are a nosey lot, we don’t like feeling like we are missing out on something).  People who use the hashtag of a particular event are raising awareness about the event or the sponsors or even the venue.  So Tweeps  are actually doing some free marketing for the event organizers, venue and sponsors ….especially if they trend!

conf wex

If the event is a success and trends, I would be more inclined to book a ticket to their next event.  If there is a good vibe then I want to be part of it! This means more sales for the next event!

 It is a great way to connect with new people.  I often go into event hashtags and find some really interesting people and then follow them. They usually follow back and a new relationship starts right there.

Pictures tell a thousand words….lots of people taking selfies or pictures of the lunch etc are more likely to get re tweeted by their followers! So all good for spreading the word.


Keeping people up to date: If you can’t make a particular event or awards ceremony for example,  you can keep an eye on the hashtag and feel like you are there.  If it is an awards event you can be guaranteed there are others watching to see who has won what award. (I know I do)

I offer a ‘Tweeting’ service at events. I did the Wexford business awards and we trended no. 3 in Ireland that night so Wexford was delighted! Also there were a few people who tweeted to thank us for keeping them updated! This is powerful stuff. You are keeping your followers and potential customers happy!

Tips for Tweeting at events:

As an event organizer:

Get someone to do this job for you. Someone whose sole role for the day is to Re Tweet anyone who uses the hashtag for the event and who will chat to them.   They will spot good photo opportunities too.

Use a separate screen at the event to show the tweets coming in e.g. TweetBeam

Encourage others attending to tweet and use the hashtag you create on the day.  Announce it at the start of the event or on any printed material.

denise jean

As an audience member:

For anyone attending an event, keep your tweets interesting e.g. quote some of the speakers and what they are saying to get your followers interested.

Tweet pictures of what is going on.

Give positive feedback in Tweets (chances are that the organizers will Re Tweet it for you)

Link the Twitter name of speakers you are talking about. There is a high chance they will Thank you later or even Re Tweet it also.

I provide this service at events.  Contact me for more info on




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Five tips to get your Twitter account working for you!

I have noticed that so many businesses create Twitter accounts but then just leave them there. They might do the odd Tweet here and there and then they complain about the fact that Twitter just doesn’t work for them! It’s like anything really, you need to invest time into any platform to gain the results you want.


If your target market is 35 -55 year olds, professional and urban, then Twitter is worth putting some time into. If your Target market is teens for example,  you may need to look into Instagram or snapchat.  Every platform won’t work for your business, but Twitter has so much power that  used wisely it can really help you get those sales you need and create a buzz around your brand.

Here are some tips to get your Twitter account working for you:

1. Make sure your bio is interesting ….does it say exactly what you do? Why should I follow you? Tell me a bit about yourself. Do you like hill walking for example? What kind of things will you be tweeting about?  I recommend using your own picture as your avatar and put your logo on your header picture.  People buy from People so show them you are a real person!

Samantha Kelly - Tweeting Goddess

2. Connect with like minded people. If you are interested in business topics start following people who tweet about business. If you are in the craft business, follow similar accounts or others who run events or tweet about crafting.  Start following Twitter accounts that you would be interested in yourself! No point in following accounts that aren’t going to make Twitter interesting for you too!


3.   Tweet often. I recommend doing 10 Tweets per day. 3 of these can be sales type tweets directing people to a ‘buy now’ or ‘book now’ page.  But most of your tweets should be either interesting content or pictures. Show your followers that you have interesting stuff to say.  Show that you know your stuff and you are the expert in what you do.

4. If you are stuck for time, hit the peak times on Twitter. The morning commute, break times e.g. 10-11am and lunchtime are busy times on Twitter. If you are a restaurant owner, tweet just before lunch, with a tasty looking picture of a meal!! You never know, someone might be in your area at that time feeling a little peckish and you will make the decision for them of where they are heading to eat!  Another peek time is 9-11pm at night.

hashtag use

5.  Get involved in Tweet chats! There are many chats on Twitter. Find one related to your business or even just one you like yourself.  Some great hashtags to get involved in are:

#Irishbizparty – For SMES – Every Wednesday from 9-11pm @irishbizparty

#Britishbizparty – For Uk business owners – from 9-10pm Every Monday @Britishbizparty

#Belfasthour – For SMES in Northern Ireland to connect. Every Thursday from 9-10pm @BelfasthourNI 

#Irishcrafthour – New hashtag starting from Monday 4 August (Follow @irishcrafthour for more info).

#Womaninbiz – For Women every evening Follow @AwardingWomen for more info.

#Tweetursis – For Women every Tuesday evening from 9-11pm Follow @MrsTweeturbiz for more info.

There are many more so check out this blog from @Zonua to help you find them. Click here 

So there you go……off you go now and get Tweeting!!


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Why it’s Ok to ask for help

I don’t know if it’s an Irish thing or just a general human thing but I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult things us Entrepreneurs seem to struggle with is asking for help.

Asking for help and reaching out can actually be the best possible thing you can do.  No one likes to feel like they are being a burden or annoying someone but what makes you think you are being a burden? Did anyone actually say that? For example, say a colleague of yours comes in and burst into tears.  What do you do? You sit them down, get them a cuppa and ask is there anything you can do to make them feel better yes?  So why can’t others do the same for you?


What we think asking for help means:

I’m a failure, I can’t cope on my own.

I shouldn’t have to ask for help am grand dealing with this myself.

I’m weak somehow

Other people will look down upon me if I ask for help.

If I ask for help it means that I might have to do something about the situation – FEAR of taking action and making the decision.

Are these valid reasons not to ask for help?  During this journey of mine (Life, entrepreneurship etc) I have learned that one of the most important things I have done has been to ask for help when I needed it.

Also, I’ve learned that If I worry too much about what people think, I won’t get very far!!

success bill

Why it’s OK To ask for help:

1. You might be helping someone else out by asking – The person you call or reach out to might be having a bad day themselves and be wondering what is it all about?  The fact that you have asked them to help you means you value them and respect their opinions and admire them. This makes the person feel useful and a valuable member of the community. So you have probably just made their day by reaching out!

2. The burden is shared….you feel you are not alone.

3. They will most likely identify with what you are going through and have already found a solution to that particular issue so they will be able to share how they overcame it.. It will make them realize how far THEY have actually come.

4. When  you reach out you are actually showing that you are human and will gain respect from the person who you reach out to.  They will remember you and keep an eye out for opportunities as you are on their radar.

5. The problem you are having might actually be something that can be dealt with easily in some way you don’t know about, but the person you reach out to might have a solution for you e.g. it could be just something as simple as introducing to you the correct person.   Or letting you know about a new grant that is available. They might even be able to help you fill in the forms.

All of the above has happened to me when I reached out to another leader or Entrepreneur and said ‘You know what, I’m really struggling here, am having a really bad day’.


Sometimes just a cup of tea and a chat is all it takes.  So don’t let pride or worry stand in your way. Reach out, ask for help and learn …..I am learning every day. If I didn’t reach out to others I wouldn’t know half the stuff I know now!


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The Tweet, the Book, the Goddess and the Sellout

Tweet Your Way to SuccessThe release of Samantha Kelly’s début title ‘Tweet Your Way To Success’ has been a triumph for the Irish business woman, also known as the Tweeting Goddess, and now she’s using another new business tool to take the next step.

The book describes her story of how she went from 0 to 14,000 followers on Twitter and the journey from lone parent to a highly influential leader in her field, with a win in “Dragons’ Den” along the way. In the book there is a beginner’s guide to Twitter, tips on building relationships, and encouraging people to reach out and help others. The book also includes the inspiring and heart-warming stories of other people Samantha has met on her journey as the founder of voluntary groups #Irishbizparty and the Women’s Inspire Network, as well as host of her own radio show.

But “Tweet Your Way to Success” is more than a business manual.  Samantha’s own personal journey through addiction and lone parenthood to being the influencer and trailblazer she is today, through determination, talent and an innate sense of good business practice, as well as the need to survive and be a great mother to her two daughters.

Now it is time for her to listen to her own advice and reach out for help.  Not only did her book sell out at her recent conference it is now stocked on Amazon. To meet this demand and get copies into bookstores, 500 more copies need to be printed. Using crowd funding, another new business tool, Samantha says: “It’s a real chicken and egg scenario. I am only building up my business of advising others in how to be successful, and can’t afford to get another print run at the moment! However,  lots of people are buying and reviewing on Amazon, so it would be nice to be able to get the books into book shops to reach the audience that are not yet on Twitter.”

There are a couple of ways to pledge and perks are provided for those that do. A pledge of €15 will receive a signed copy of the book, and a pledge of €50 will receive a signed copy of the book as well as a mention on Samantha’s radio show ‘Goddess Hour, Twitter support (campaign?), and a free space on one of her Twitter workshops.

Pledges can be made at  Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly is available to purchase now from Kissed Off Creations and Amazon.


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What is it like to live with an Entrepreneur?

The results of our survey! So…..what IS it like to live with an Entrepreneur?

As an Entrepreneur we can spend so much time focusing on the business, striving to be successful and working that we often forget that there is a partner in the background watching us wear ourselves down, watching us deal with disappointments and wondering how your day is going.

I decided to do a survey to see what exactly is it like for the Other Half of this relationship.   As Entrepreneurs we sometimes think they don’t understand us, or what we are trying to do, but behind every great Entrepreneur is either a Wonderful supportive Woman or Man without whom we just couldn’t do it at all!!

So here are the results for you and some of the comments:

It seems to be the biggest challenge facing someone who lives with an Entrepreneur is getting your time.  TIME…..that big four letter word…..bit like LOVE ..that other four letter word.  They want time with us because they love us.   Not because they want to annoy us.  They have needs too and would love some of our attention according to the survey results.

working couple

And they have their own fears too. Like where is the next bit of income going to come from? Will you land that big contract? And if you don’t what mood will you be in?  Things to bear in mind…..what it’s like for your significant other.

living with

If you would change one thing about living with an Entrepreneur what would it be:

1.  Having more time together

2. That She would get a ‘Real’ job. (Hmmm  I hate it when my other half says this)

3.  When things don’t go according to her plan…the self doubt comes into play..she’s more than capable but after losing a business due to the recession definitely has lower self confidence

4.  A stable income every month (lack of)

5. No phone!

6. Sex life

7. Turn off the Wi Fi at night

8. Having more time to keep up with day to day life…housework etc

9. Stricter working hours–no checking google analytics right before bed time!

10. The entrepreneur not being financially dependent on me

What do you LOVE about Living with an Entrepreneur?

1. Their Drive

2. Their Bravery

3. No Two days are the same!

4. The excitement when they make progress


5.  The sheer enthusiasm & determination. She was born to do this – and I get to watch the football in peace for 4 weeks!

6. Nothing (2 respondents said this)

7.  He is not absolutely bored or angry about his job, He is like more alive than ever

8.  Their mad ideas

9.  Great to see him happy when deals work out and the odd perk of getting home early or going into work a bit late!

10. Seeing him excited and loving the challenge

So after all those answers it seems evident that some of us work so hard that we forget that we have a loved one in the background watching us go through the Roller Coaster of the highs and Lows.  Someone who wants our Time….and Love.




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Stop linking Facebook to Twitter!

People often say to me, ‘Oh I love Facebook and find it great for business, but Twitter just doesn’t work for me.’ So I go and look at their Twitter account and see……FACEBOOK LINKS to their Twitter account and that’s it! Not a single tweet or interaction.  Er….well Twitter won’t work for you so.

Twitter is ALL about building relationships and interacting with others.  People are more likely to buy or use the service of an SME they interact with on Twitter!

I know some of you are not aware of this so that is why I’ve done this blog post.  If no one tells you then how are you supposed to know right?

There are still a lot of businesses posting links from their Facebook page to Twitter.  (Even big businesses by the way)  So I thought I should write about why I never ever ever click on these links. 

As a person who uses Twitter a lot, what does lots of Facebook links to Twitter say to me? 

‘I want to be on Social Media with my business but I just don’t have time to interact with any of you on Twitter, but sure here are some things for you to look at. Sure it’ll be grand.’

lazy employee

How would you feel as a potential customer looking at a load of Facebook posts to Twitter?

I will not follow you or Retweet you.

I know that if I ask you a question or interact with you the chances are you aren’t going to reply to me quickly.

It makes the Twitter account holder look a teeny bit lazy even.

That is just what I think when I see an account with JUST Facebook links.  Some accounts have a mixture which isn’t as obvious but I still won’t click on the link from Facebook. If I want to click on Facebook I will be on Facebook. But I like Twitter so Tweet me instead!  Unfortunately I see there are a lot of big businesses still doing just this.

Now I know that there might be a lot of you out there who aren’t aware of this so this blog post is just to give you a heads up. We are all learning every day so just undo your ‘link FB to Twitter’ on your Facebook page.

Log in to your Facebook and use this   Unlink the Twitter going from Facebook and Hey presto you are now keeping platforms separate.

Twitter is such a powerful platform for business.  Learn how to use it effectively by coming to my workshop on September 11 in Dublin. You can book here 


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Leader creates buzz on #irishbizparty

We had a great night last night on #irishbizparty!  Proof that networking really works….the perfect example: I met Niall at the Student Summit, we were both speakers at the event and even had to sit beside each other! So I introduced myself and made the connection. The important thing here was that now I was on his radar and he had put a face to the name.  So although I always recommend networking online, it is SO important get out there and follow up with a coffee or networking event and make sure you meet up with others offline afterwards.  Nurture the relationship, keep it going and stay in people’s heads.

So with Niall’s book launch coming up, what better way to help promote it then to get online using twitter and the best Twitter hashtag for SMEs in Ireland! #irishbizparty

Irishbizparty is a hashtag where you can come on and promote your business and connect with other SMEs on Twitter. It takes place every Wednesday night from 9-11pm.  We call it ‘Networking in your PJs’.

niall harbison

Niall Harbison was launching his book ‘Getting Sh#t Done’ (See here) So he kindly came along and offered to do Q&A with us. What an amazing experience it was! Now I am used to keeping up with the #irishbizparty hashtag but Niall was amazed at how fast it was going and was very surprised to see so many Entrepreneurs in one place at the same time!  He was great, he gave lots of mentions to some of the businesses that caught his eye and even did RTs for us! He also set up a live stream so that he could talk to them and interact that way.

He was particularly impressed with Linda of Designed for you even though he admitted he hadn’t a clue about fashion! And he gave tickets away to his launch and a copy of his book to Lynda and Rowena from 

Having someone like Niall on the hashtag encouraging SMEs and giving advice was a real boost for small business owners who took part.  Niall really enjoyed it too! There was a real buzz and positive vibe going.


Wow that was hectic and fun!!!

We also have Radio Active doing a live show during the hashtag so they give mentions to businesses and even play requests during irishbizparty. Tune into them here from 9-11pm on Wednesday nights so you can party while you tweet!

tune in

It was great to see so many people online at the same time and Thanks so much to Niall for coming along and joining in.  Think we might get some more leaders to do the same in future! (If you are a leader in your field and  interested in getting involved, email me or give me a call 086 1688743)

Click here to see the stats from Last night!

You just never know who we might have on next…..

If you have something to promote e.g. an event or offer and want a chance to be in front of hundreds of SMEs at the same time and make some real connections,  contact me for info on what I can do to help!




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My Top Tips for Using Twitter!

Twitter has really changed my life….before Twitter I was lonely, felt unconnected and had lost a lot of confidence. But one day when my sister introduced me to twitter because I had a business, I embraced this new world and started to make new friends from all over the world.  I became really good at it, took to it like a duck to water!  And so now I have put together some tips just for you.

1. When you create your account, your username should be similar to your brand e.g. I am @Tweetinggoddess on Twitter and that is the name of my buisness!  That way, every time you tweet something, your brand is also coming up!

2, Start by following people who would be interested in what you do! For example if you are a chef and blog about food, follow people who love to cook, or who write about food! journalists are always good ones to follow I find. Or check out #foodies (this # symbol highlights groups or popular topics on twitter at the moment so always check your ‘trending subjects and see what is popular today!

3. Also, follow people or friends who you know are already on twitter and who have a reputation for Re-tweeting or supporting the work that you are doing.

4. Tweet interesting tweets, If it is a beautiful morning where you are, say it!! If you come across as positive, people will gravitate towards you. Tweet about what you do e.g. if you are a chef say something like ‘We are looking forward to cooking our new prawn special today, juicy prawns so fresh from the market!’ Get people’s attention.

5. Tweet about some personal stuff too, like if your daughter loses her tooth, say that you have the tooth fairy coming! I gaurantee you will get replies to that one, because others can identify with it. If there is something in the news, comment on it

6. Read the tweets of those who you are following and if you see something that you feel your own followers would like, then Re-tweet it! The person who put the tweet up will instantly get a notification that you have done this, so you are already getting attention from them and they will most likely RT you when you need one.

7. When commenting on things that are in the news, don’t get too controversial. You want to attract positive people who will support you not start arguing with you! Also if people are challenging you, this will be noticed by others and your brand will be associated with arguing….even if you are right, just stop commenting and leave the conversation.

8. If you wish to comment on something or say things a little more personal, use the DM or direct message section. This way only you or the other person will see it.

9. Interact Interact Interact…..for example, if you see someone is having a bad day, ask them about it, or just simply say. ‘Aw sorry to hear you are having a hard time, sending you a hug’ or something like that. (Ok Lads, I know you won’t be saying that but something similar would be something like ‘hang in there’ or ‘tomorrow is a new day). This makes the person feel like you care and makes them feel less lonely and understood. Believe me, there are a lot of people out there that just want to be heard.

10. Tweet!!! It is as simple as that!! I tweet in the morning and at lunchtime, then in the afternoons I check in to see what is happening…There are lots of Mums on Twitter in the mornings I’ve noticed and a very active group on twitter in the evenings so I tweet a lot when the kids go to bed.

You will get to know which groups will be where, the more you interact and tweet. I do most of my tweeting in the evenings because to be honest I don’t have much of a social life as I am separated with two children, so twitter is now my social life!  But I can honestly say that 4 of my best friends I actually met on twitter!! So if you see #Tweetups being advertised, do go along to them. (These are meet ups for people on twitter so you actually get to meet the people you are tweeting with)

All of these tips are just how I use twitter. I am sure there are many more formal ways, but this is just how I use it. The most important things for me are interact, interact, interact and Engage, Engage, Engage!!

No one is going to be interested in what you have got to say, if you aren’t interested in them! Be genuine also, People can sense when someone is a bit false or insincere and prefer honesty. I tend to mix my business tweets with some personal stuff that is going on, and I also use humour a lot.

So what are you waiting for? There is a whole new world on Twitter waiting to meet you!

Sam x

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Offering hope at a relaxed, positive conference

Well, what a day it was.  We had a wonderful day in Whites of Wexford for the 2nd Irishbizparty conference!

Thank you to:

Castle Print  The amazing printing of the brochure, name badges etc.

Whites of Wexford (Venue and delcious food)

Holos Skincare from Nature (gorgeous goody bags)

Bridget Atkinson Accountants (our fab mugs for our tea to remind us to contact our accountants) Also Macks biz gifts who made the mugs!


Premier Djs (sound)

Pinnacle Productions (video)

conf wex

Thank you to our speakers

Fred Karlsson Tony Ennis Liam O Connor Denis Coleman  Danielle Serpico  Jason O Reilly  and to Joanne Hession who dropped down to be on our panel.

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Thank you to all of our prize sponsors so many of you were really generous with prizes.  And Lizzie B  for the fun spot prizes also. Thanks to Paul Dunphy for Tweeting for us on the day.


None of this would have been possible without our sponsors so please do give them a follow and spread the word about them.  Thanks to all of you who came along for making it all possible too! Without you we wouldn’t have had such a lovely positive vibe in the room. You were a great audience and the atmosphere came about because of you all helping each other and coming together like that.

Thanks to everyone for your support. And to all of you who bought my book, I hope it helps you on your Twitter journey!

castle brochure

Am not going to do it justice if I blog all about it  as Roz Kelly did a wonderful blog all about it here 

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