Ten Things us Entrepreneurs all know!

  • You love that you are your own boss! Whoop Whoop!
  • You tell anyone who will listen, how great your business idea is
  • You get used to driving around with the petrol gauge on ‘E’
  • You won’t take a sick day!
  • Your other half will be sick of hearing about your business idea!
  • richard branson
  • Your family will want a conversation with you someday that has nothing to do with your business!
  • You will wonder what it is like to know when your pay day is
  • You will stop watching the Simpsons and start watching the business news
  • You will learn to surround yourself with supporters and ignore begrudgers
  • You will have done something that many would love to do but didn’t do for various reasons. Well done!

A very important and essential thing we must all have is a fantastic, understanding partner. Our families will see us less but we need to remind them that it is going to be worth it in the end. That sun holiday they’ve always wanted to go on, might be possible soon.  An understanding partner who can take care of the other chores in the house while you work is also really helpful. Make sure you give them time….and hugs and lots of love after all it is why you are doing this in the first place.

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How you can learn from my mistakes

I started a business back in October 2011 called Funky Goddess. I had no finance or experience but even so, I managed to get my business off the ground and into over 100 retail outlets nationwide. I sold the business in May.

However, mistakes were made, so I would like to share with you some of those mistakes in order to prevent someone else making the same.


  • Try to do as much as you can from home. Avoid moving into a unit for as long as possible.

  • Get your price point right at the start. It is better to start at a bigger price then bring it down afterwards if you have to.  See what competitors are charging.
  • Be careful who you confide in. Choose a successful business mentor who you know well and can trust. Don’t go asking advice from everyone!

  • Be honest with your business plan and finances. Don’t assume your projected figures will turn out the way you planned.

  • Ask for complete prices including vat when asking for quotes.

  • Delay putting your product into retail shops. Stay as a website sales based business for as long as you can. Even if everyone all over the country wants you to stock it near them. You can’t please everyone. Retail takes a higher percentage of your profit.

  • If you must stock in retail units ask for payment upfront. You need Cashflow and the bigger the retailer the longer you will have to wait for payment. Usually they pay after a month or two months.

  • Buy in bulk. I didn’t have the finance to do this but if I did, I would buy in bulk first. It is cheaper.

  • Get your product right before you start selling. I changed the box after a year and it was much better and cheaper to put together. Could’ve saved myself a lot of hassle if I’d gone for proper branding I was happy with in the first place.

  • Don’t go too big before you can supply the goods. Unfortunately my idea was so popular I couldn’t keep up with demand!

  • Patent your idea if you can. Although mine couldn’t be patented, do if you can straight away. If it is a good idea, others will think so too.

  • Go for it, but Think Think Think about every major decision you make.  Get advice from a trusted source. You are on one of the biggest roller coasters of your life! Enjoy the journey!

rte clip

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Press Release!

One night in 2012 Samantha Kelly was utterly frustrated at the lack of funding and support for startups and entrepreneurs so she started an online group to collaborate with Irish business owners.  She wanted to fill the gap and give SMEs a place where they could collaborate and have their voices heard.


As she had such a large Twitter following (currently over 12.9K), she sent out a tweet saying ‘it looks like we are going to have to help ourselves here, let’s have an #IrishBizParty, tell me what you do and I’ll retweet it for you’. Everyone started using the hashtag #IrishBizParty and it got ‘trending’ that night and she’s been running the weekly Twitter party ever since.


#IrishBizParty has grown to become of the most popular hashtags in Ireland. Samantha runs the group completely voluntarily and businesses join in each week to help each other, do business together and run real-life meet ups.


The #IrishBizParty community now has over 6000 followers and carved the way for the former Dragon’s Den star, with a natural skill for ‘tweeting’, to help businesses grow their profile online.  IrishBizParty members have a very active support group on Facebook with over 600 members.


Samantha set up Tweeting Goddess @tweetinggoddess, offering Twitter Account Management and Twitter for Business Workshops. She runs campaigns for companies and helps get them ‘trending’ when they donate a prize to #IrishBizParty, which runs every Wednesday night from 9 – 11pm.


Getting noticed on Twitter is important for any business to stand out from their competitors and be approachable. Increasingly more and more businesses are factoring Twitter in to their marketing plans, with more than 4.5 million small businesses worldwide on the social network.


Samantha, who won a Rabo Tweetie ‘Inspire’ Award in 2013, says many Irish business owners have signed up for Twitter but simply do not have the time to maintain their account, tweet or engage with customers and potential clients.


“Being online and available to tweet in real-time to an audience is all-encompassing and something many small business owners find overwhelming or do not know how to get started.”


Realising she could help get businesses in the spotlight through Twitter, Samantha recently launched her popular Twitter for Business workshops. Already she’s helped over 100 Irish business owners set up their Twitter accounts and learn tips and tricks for building an online social presence. She’s always very supportive with retweets when she spots someone new on Twitter and retweets to her 10,600-plus followers and encourages everyone else to be the same.


“Irish businesses need to recognise the power of Twitter and understand how it really works to get the maximum benefits,” says Samantha.


“Without Twitter I wouldn’t have my own business or be able to help other businesses promote themselves online. Statistics prove that adults are mostly online from 10-11pm, however business owners haven’t always the time to be tweeting then. It’s not just the time, but also learning how to use Twitter lingo, what interactions work and how to get more followers and connect to the right people.”



Irishbizparty ‘Be Inspiring’ SMEs conference

Samantha Kelly

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00 (IST)

Dublin 22, Ireland


For more information about IrishBizParty watch this video: http://vimeo.com/91352492.




The 2013 Mumpreneur Awards nominee made her mark after entering the spotlight on Dragon’s Den in 2012. After the sale of her Funky Goddess business, she became Irish ambassador for the business social network SunZu.com and the brains behind the trending #IrishBizParty hashtag, a social media success.  She has also launched #Britishbizparty.  In 2013 Samantha launched Tweeting Goddess, running Twitter workshops and managing Twitter accounts for leading Irish companies including Whites of Wexford and she runs campaigns for charities also. She was recognised for her efforts at the Rabo Tweetie ‘Inspire’ Award in October.


For more information or to arrange an interview contact:

Samantha Kelly



00353 861688743

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Why I won’t fake it till I make it!

I have met many wonderful entrepreneurs on my journey through the Roller coaster of being in business. My own story has been one of many struggles, including the usual ones of having no money to get things moving, driving around with the petrol gauge on ‘E’ and paying myself last!

But I am finding out more and more through running irishbizparty that there are people out there who are working really hard instead of claiming social welfare and really trying to make something of themselves.  They aren’t getting help from Entreprise boards etc as they aren’t ‘Exporting’ for example.  Also, there are lots of things coming up to help start ups…what about the businesses who are already running a few years.  Don’t they deserve help too?

I started irishbizparty as a hashtag just to have some fun really and meet others like me but now it has turned into a really positive support network.

I often get calls from people who take part, and meet others for a cuppa just to chat. It is important just to listen sometimes…I know for me, having someone to talk to made a big difference.entrepreneurs jump

Sometimes when you have a business you can only see one side of it. Your side. This is our baby and we are very protective of it.  We think we know everything there is to know about it and indeed we are probably right. But sometimes it is good to get someone who isn’t so involved in what we do to look at it from another angle.

For example:

What do you do exactly? You might know what you do and be an expert in it….but do others actually listen and understand what you do?

Are you trying out other social networks…..perhaps Twitter isn’t the right platform for you?  Perhaps Pinterest is better ….if your target market is teens, they are not on Facebook as much as before for example. They are on snapchat amongst others.

Is yours a business that relies on referrals from customers? Are you asking your customers for testimonials? Are you getting out and meeting people who might be able to help you spread the word?

I have found that there is a gap in the whole networking thing. There seems to be a real fear of attending networking events.  The whole ‘fake it till you make it’ thing I really don’t agree with. For me honesty works much better.

So what if you can’t buy oil and barely have enough petrol to attend these events.  Am not going to pretend I am loaded and put on an act. Why should I? Take me as I am. Hard working, kind, willing to help where I can, outgoing, bit mad and funny.

There is a new breed of Entrepreneurs out there right now, especially on irishbizparty who are honest. share their knowledge with each other, collaborate and refer business to each other. I have witnessed it many times and have met some wonderful people through irishbizparty.  We are delighted that Independent.ie have linked up with us also thanks to Ailish O Hora ….they can see the positivity that is being created here.

So be part of it….let’s get this country back on it’s feet….let’s assist one another and make sure that we all get something out of it.  We don’t need to step on others to get what we want.  This is totally unnecessary. If you assist others it will come back to you.

(If you want to be part of the irishbizparty website email Aidan@avalanchedesigns.ie  Here is the link to the site  click here  Thank you to Independent.ie who feature the Starbiz we select every wednesday on Irishbizparty …this is a huge emotional boost for a small business owner and a great platform for them to show what they do.  So join in the hashtag #irishbizparty every Wednesday from 9-11pm. See you there)!

We also have #Britishbizparty now on Monday nights from 9-10pm!

I decided to bring all of us together on April 30th for an #irishbizparty conference and now we have already got 100 booked in for a day of speakers, tips and stories from experienced Irishbizparty members and Entrepreneurs who have achieved lots and are going to tell us their stories.  There will be lots of prizes and treats on the day also and all for only 25 euros for a ticket. I’ve made it affordable with the help of other SMEs who are helping us by sponsoring sound, decoration, venue etc. So do come along and don’t be shy….we are all there to assist one another and that means you too!!

Book your ticket here 


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What is the ‘Favorite’ button for?

What is the favorite button for on Twitter?  Well, some people say it’s to mark something that you want to read later on.  So if you are really busy and just skimming through your Twitter feed,  you can mark tweets you think look interesting and read back later when you have more time.

But lately I have seen a few discussions about this button on Twitter. Some people think it is being misused as a way of getting your attention.  If I see someone has ‘Favorited’ my tweet, I check their bio to see who they are if I don’t know them.  Is it a way to get my attention in the hope that I will follow?  Or is it just a way of letting me know that’yes I have read your tweet, it got my attention, but I won’t be Re tweeting it for you or reading it right now.’  Which is fair enough.  But rarely do I see a late RT or comment afterwards.  Do ‘favorited’ tweets get lost somewhere?

Do we check the tweets that we have clicked ‘Favorite’ on.

Do you know how to check your favorites? Well, if you go to the ‘sun’ symbol between the message symbol and the ‘compose tweet’ symbol….go to ‘lists’.  On the left hand side you should see ‘Favorites’ ….click on this and you will see all the tweets you have Favorited.

lists favoritesI think it would be great if Twitter had an extra button that said ‘interesting’ as I think the Favorite button is used for this also. A bit similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook! There are many times someone clicks ‘favorite’ and then Re tweets the tweet immediately. (Thanks)

So are we treating it as a highlighter? A like button? Or are we all using it correctly to list tweets that we like and want to read later?

A good way of using the ‘Favorite’ button is to gather positive feedback on your account. If you have a list of positive feedback (favorites) then not only does this make you look like you are doing a good job (if you are having a bad day, just look through all your favorites lol) but it also shows the person who tweeted that you have seen this tweet and are acknowledging them. So it is a kind of interaction.  So everyone feels good.

Would love to know your thoughts this.


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The Easy way to increase your followers!!

As you might know, I always start my Workshops with your Twitter Bio.  Your Bio on Twitter is the most important part of starting your journey into Twitter.   We must find the bio interesting so the secret to more followers is to make your bio stand out.

Ask yourself ….is it interesting enough? Is it positive enough? Can you read it properly?  Why should I follow you? What makes you stand out from Everyone else?  Where are you located? These questions are very important especially if you are a  Business Twitter account.

follow twitter

Us Tweeters are an impatient bunch. We make a split second decision on whether we want to follow you or not. We look at what your profile says and see if we might find you interesting enough to interact and engage with you.   So here are the list of reasons why I won’t follow you.

1.You have no photo up.  Please don’t be an ‘Egghead’ I don’t trust you straight away and also think you are lazy for not putting a picture up. I can’t understand it. You might be saying something interesting but really I won’t click ‘Follow’ as I really don’t trust you. Ok if you are shy or hate yourself in pictures, put up your logo or a flower, your dog, the sea ….anything that is part of you.


2. No description of who you are and your interests or a description of your business if you are a business. I won’t click ‘Follow’ to just anyone. They need to have a description that will make me want to engage with you. For example, I love certain characteristics such as dignity, compassion and Courage. So hopefully I will attract like-minded positive folk.   I am also a Mum and there is a description of awards and what I do there.  Think about it…. Who do you want to attract?  I see some wonderful, funny bios which instantly tell me these people are going to be great fun to follow! I like the quirkiness of it and the fact that they made the effort to stand out!

No Website If you are a business, I want to know how I can order your product. So a website or Facebook/Linkedin link  or even a contact number is essential.  No point in promoting what you do if I can’t get in touch with you!

3. Negative bio – Ones that describe or put people down in the bio or are bitchy. Yes these guys exist (and don’t really have many followers).  I also look at the most recent tweets and if they aren’t positive or at least interesting then I am not going to follow them.

4. Sexy bio – not many of them around, usually are spammers but even ones with a guy showing off his six pack just don’t interest me.  From experience they are usually married and will start Direct messaging you with all sorts of proposals lol

5. Nothing in common I get the strangest followers sometimes who are into all sorts which I really have no idea why they followed me as we have nothing in common.  They don’t get a follow back!


Who do I follow?

Interesting folk, Good people, funny people, Entrepreneurs especially start ups ( We all need to assist one another so I always like to see if there is any way I can assist).  SMEs, Women in business, People promoting health etc (hoping I will learn something), Foodies and Nice restaurants and hotels.  Also inspirational leaders. The list goes on. But you can bet that they don’t have any of the above on their profile!

So do you have any other pet hates when reading others’ bios? Do comment below if I have left anything out.




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What are Twitter Ads?

You might have noticed that Twitter are really promoting their Twitter ads and people are always asking me about them in my workshops so I thought I would do a blog post on them.

What are Twitter promoted Ads?

Well, basically they are ads that advertisers pay for.

Promoted Accounts:  These are accounts that people might not be aware of and might find interesting. They target you if you come under a specific target market e.g. If you are a Parent you might see promoted accounts that are selling children’s clothes or parenting advice.

Promoted accounts are designed to boost followers. Followers means potential customers, sign ups etc.  If a person sees you are promoted and they click this means that they are interested enough to perhaps be a customer in future.  (I wouldn’t click a promoted account myself as I prefer to see accounts grow organically but that is just me).

Promoted accounts are designed to encourage follower to click follow and thus increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their site and encourage sign ups to newsletters for example.

You will see a little yellow tick on the promoted account and it will appear in your ‘who to follow’ section, home timeline and search results.

promoted tweet

Promoted Tweets:

Promoted Tweets are designed to drive clicks to a particular offer, link or giveaways.  I quite like the idea of these as I run Twitter workshops and think a link to my workshops would be a good way to target those who might be interested.  You can put in your target keywords and also target usernames who you know might have a similar type of follower who might be interested in your promotion.

You can drive traffic to a blog post also and to your best stuff by putting a link up to it in the tweet.

Twitter will put your promoted tweet on a timeline of someone who is likely to find it interesting or relevant to them.

If you see a promoted tweet in your timeline and it’s annoying you, it is possible to get rid of it by clicking ‘Dismiss’

In my next blog post I will show you how to do a promoted Tweet.

Read more about Twitter Ads here 


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Top Twitter Tips!

Twitter has really changed my life….before Twitter I was lonely, felt unconnected and had lost a lot of confidence. But one day when my sister introduced me to twitter because I had a business, I embraced this new world and started to make new friends from all over the world.  I became really good at it, took to it like a duck to water!  And so now I have put together some tips just for you.

1. When you create your account, your username should be similar to your brand e.g. I am @Tweetinggoddess on Twitter and that is the name of my buisness!  That way, every time you tweet something, your brand is also coming up!

2, Start by following people who would be interested in what you do! For example if you are a chef and blog about food, follow people who love to cook, or who write about food! journalists are always good ones to follow I find. Or check out #foodies (this # symbol highlights groups or popular topics on twitter at the moment so always check your ‘trending subjects and see what is popular today!

3. Also, follow people or friends who you know are already on twitter and who have a reputation for Re-tweeting or supporting the work that you are doing.

4. Tweet interesting tweets, If it is a beautiful morning where you are, say it!! If you come across as positive, people will gravitate towards you. Tweet about what you do e.g. if you are a chef say something like ‘We are looking forward to cooking our new prawn special today, juicy prawns so fresh from the market!’ Get people’s attention.

5. Tweet about some personal stuff too, like if your daughter loses her tooth, say that you have the tooth fairy coming! I gaurantee you will get replies to that one, because others can identify with it. If there is something in the news, comment on it

6. Read the tweets of those who you are following and if you see something that you feel your own followers would like, then Re-tweet it! The person who put the tweet up will instantly get a notification that you have done this, so you are already getting attention from them and they will most likely RT you when you need one.

7. When commenting on things that are in the news, don’t get too controversial. You want to attract positive people who will support you not start arguing with you! Also if people are challenging you, this will be noticed by others and your brand will be associated with arguing….even if you are right, just stop commenting and leave the conversation.

8. If you wish to comment on something or say things a little more personal, use the DM or direct message section. This way only you or the other person will see it.

9. Interact Interact Interact…..for example, if you see someone is having a bad day, ask them about it, or just simply say. ‘Aw sorry to hear you are having a hard time, sending you a hug’ or something like that. (Ok Lads, I know you won’t be saying that but something similar would be something like ‘hang in there’ or ‘tomorrow is a new day). This makes the person feel like you care and makes them feel less lonely and understood. Believe me, there are a lot of people out there that just want to be heard.

10. Tweet!!! It is as simple as that!! I tweet in the morning and at lunchtime, then in the afternoons I check in to see what is happening…There are lots of Mums on Twitter in the mornings I’ve noticed and a very active group on twitter in the evenings so I tweet a lot when the kids go to bed.


You will get to know which groups will be where, the more you interact and tweet. I do most of my tweeting in the evenings because to be honest I don’t have much of a social life as I am separated with two children, so twitter is now my social life!  But I can honestly say that 4 of my best friends I actually met on twitter!! So if you see #Tweetups being advertised, do go along to them. (These are meet ups for people on twitter so you actually get to meet the people you are tweeting with)

All of these tips are just how I use twitter. I am sure there are many more formal ways, but this is just how I use it. The most important things for me are interact, interact, interact and Engage, Engage, Engage!!

No one is going to be interested in what you have got to say, if you aren’t interested in them! Be genuine also, People can sense when someone is a bit false or insincere and prefer honesty. I tend to mix my business tweets with some personal stuff that is going on, and I also use humour a lot.

So what are you waiting for? There is a whole new world on Twitter waiting to meet you!

Sam x

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The personal cost of being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur sounds ever so exciting and cool. The top Entrepreneurs in the world and the leaders all say that it ain’t easy, that you must take the steps to the top not the escalator and other words of wisdom.

Success comes in many forms. For me it means a content and happy family, a nice cosy home with heat and food and to earn the money to have the food and warmth part of success means having to go out and work for it.  I was a stay at home Mum before. I am useless at cooking and not so great at the whole housework thing.  I wasn’t happy. A happy Mum means happy children.  So there was a bit of frustration creeping in for me as I knew there was something else I could be doing. I was capable of getting things done and I wanted to make something of myself. Yes I know being a Mum is a wonderful gift and I know there are thousands of Women out there who yearn to be a Mother.  But for me, I felt discontented. I could see that I wasn’t going to be able to give my children a chance to go to college on the carer’s allowance which I was on (my 7 year old is hearing impaired with a severe language delay and my 14 year old is diabetic type 1 so they would already have challenges ahead. It frustrated me that there was a long waiting list for speech therapy for Abi. And if I wanted to speed things up going privately was going to cost money I hadn’t got.

me and the girls together

So off I went and entered the business world.  I worked really hard and re trained so that I could teach Twitter workshops to people who were unsure of how to use it correctly. I found that I enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge and loved helping others out. I could see places where I could make a difference.  So the work started rolling in.

This time when my teen asked me for money for a school outing or for new essentials I didn’t have to root in the pennies jar, I had a fiver in my purse for the first time in ages. I was able to start paying off debts also.

This made me feel good. I was also getting out and making new friends. I was able to buy myself a new dress. I was able to buy myself proper make up and take care of my skin and hair so this also made me feel nice and gave me more confidence.  And no, it’s not all about money. I only want to make enough to keep things less of a constant struggle which is what it was like before.

elevator success

But at what cost?  Today is my birthday and I am feeling like the loneliest Mum in the world. My Daughter told me last night that she just wants a normal Mum who cleans the house and isn’t on a computer or answering a phone or going away to teach workshops.   I am sitting here confused.

The reason I was working so hard was because I had a goal of writing a book and am learning how to do webinars so that I can teach workshops online so that people don’t have to physically leave their homes to learn.   This also means that I can teach online and earn from those workshops in the future so I get the balance of being at home and also doing what I love. I am so close to this now.  And yet today I am confused and sad and feeling like I should just give it all up to nurture the relationship with my family.

Entrepreneurs need a huge support system in the home. We need you to have faith in us that we know what we are doing. We need a back up system to be there and understand that this won’t all be in vain. That We are doing this for you, our families.


We haven’t had a holiday abroad in the sun ever.  I was kinda hoping that this year we would be able to do that. But now I am wondering is it worth it.  What is the perfect balance? How do you get that balance? I thought I was working towards the perfect balance in what I was doing.  This is why I set up the Irishbizparty movement. So we could all support and talk about these things.  I already spoke to a couple of people in the group about this.  I am sure I am not the only one who has come across these issues.  So please do feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps one other Entrepreneur to see that they are not the only ones who struggle with this.

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Beginners guide to Twitter #Newbies

“Your Beginner’s Guide to Twitter”

Hi, Welcome to my beginners guide to Twitter.

What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking service that allows you to send and read text messages with 140 characters.

In English that means that you can make a statement or sentence and put it out there to whoever is following you. This must be under 140 letters/characters.

What do you need to start?

You need an email address. With your email address you sign up.

twitter beginner

Select a password that only you will ever know.   Click ‘sign up’

The next page will ask you to select people to follow. You can start by putting twitter names you might already know (Like me for example, @Tweetinggoddess or @Tweetingsamm into the search box).  After you have followed your first five people they will ask you to follow more. But you can skip this step if you want to get cracking!

Profile and Bio:

You want to Make your profile look so interesting that people will want to click on you. You want followers as followers are your new friends!  They are also your very own marketing team. They are the ones who will decide if you are interesting enough or if your content (what you say in your tweets) is good enough to Retweet to your followers.

I recommend putting a picture of YOU -as it attracts people – people use twitter so makes you look more personable.  If you are a small business owner, I recommend you put your picture up also. You can put your logo or icon on the background of your profile.

If you are a company, then your logo is best. A hotel? A picture of the hotel etc.

Your Bio:  This should also be interesting, tell people who you are, what you do and your likes (e.g. hobbies etc) so you will attract like minded individuals.  People buy from people so even if you are a company make it sound like you are approachable and that you are going to be tweeting interesting tweets.

For example, here is my personal account profile and Bio: (now you don’t have to be as personal as I am, only put up what you are comfortable with)

profile twitter

There is also a section to edit your profile so you put your website link into your bio so that when people look at your profile they can simply ‘click’ to go straight to your website!

Click on the 'profile' settings section to edit your profile
Click on the ‘profile’ settings section to edit your profile

Next:  Do your first tweet!! 

Start by saying something like…. ‘Hi Everyone, I am new to twitter! #Newbie’ – Keep it simple and be yourself. Then continue to search for people to follow. If you like gardening for example, search for any tweets that mention #gardening (Go to the search box) Twitter will also suggest others to follow on the left hand side of your account. You can refresh these suggestions if you want to search for more.

Look at what the people you follow are saying….get involved and click ‘reply’ if you want to add to the conversation!  Click ‘Retweet’ if you want to share their tweet with your own followers.

To see who has mentioned you or interactions (for example who has followed you) Click on the Connect button.  If you click on ‘Home’ this is your Twitter feed. These are the tweets of everyone you are following!

interactions (2)

If you want to tweet someone you follow Simply click on the tweet button (blue button top right) and put their Twitter name into the tweet.  This is the ‘Compose’ tweet button. You can tweet away now.

So off you go and start tweeting! Check out my top ten tips for using Twitter effectively also!  More advanced tips and workshops also coming very soon!

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