Top Ten Reasons to Embrace Twitter!

I am amazed at how many businesses (even big brand names) haven’t yet started using Twitter! I come across it every day. They might have a Facebook page but they don’t seem to realize that most of their target market are actually lurking in Twitterville.  The demographic for Twitter in Ireland is that 46% of 25 -34 year olds use Twitter.  So the demographic is mostly urban based and young. (source MRBI/eighty Twenty blog

Here are stats for U.S.

twitter demographic

So when I see businesses on Facebook but not yet on Twitter I wonder why? Perhaps they don’t understand the value of Twitter? Well here are my top reasons why businesses today should embrace Twitter now!

1. It’s FREE!

2. Immediate connection to a global market

3. Brand awareness is increased – your logo is seen everytime you tweet!

4. You can keep an eye on your competition and what they are up to!

5. You can target the exact customer you want by searching for hashtags mentioning your product or service.

6. You have access to your customers right away, they are literally at your finger tips

7. Instant engagement with them if they ask a question. Reply is instant (if you have a good person running the Twitter account)

8. Your brand is seen by not only your own loyal followers but a whole new batch of followers if you get Re- tweeted.

9. Quick access to news that might affect your brand or service…e.g. the weather, international news such as flight strikes, road works etc. (This is why so many journalists are on Twitter, the news is so fast now, everyone can access news about big events straight away

10. If used correctly, you can build a loyal following who will also become your very own army of marketeers.  You can also find articles relatiing to your product or service and Share them with your followers so they can see you as the expert in what you do!

All sounds great to me… why are some businesses not yet embracing Twitter? If it is because they are afraid or don’t understand it, there are plenty of workshops around that teach you how to use Twitter effectively for Business. I do one myself, so if you have a group of about 10-15 people I will come and teach you what Twitter is all about and how your business can benefit!

I also do one to one lessons so do check out my packages and get ahead of the rest before your competition grabs those customers before you!

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Twitter Specialist and Trainer at Tweeting Goddess
Mum of two Girls, , I love Dignity, Compassion, Courage. #irishbizparty founder, #SBS. Winner #Tweetieinspire, Speaker, Trainer.

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Mum of two Girls, , I love Dignity, Compassion, Courage. #irishbizparty founder, #SBS. Winner #Tweetieinspire, Speaker, Trainer.
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  1. Hi Sam,
    Your analysis is spot on! as ever, will RT

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