Twitter is a greatly misunderstood platform. Some think it’s for broadcasting advertisements, some think it’s for telling people what you have for breakfast and others don’t see it as a valuable marketing tool for your business. I’ve put together my top ten reasons to get using Twitter if you aren’t already making the most out of this valuable social media platform.

1. Your target market is people between the ages of 35 and 55.  (Or if your target market are over the age of 55, the good news is that this is the highest growing demographic).

2. You want to have a head start over your competitors. Some of the bigger companies don’t ‘get’ Twitter and aren’t using it correctly. Learn how to use Twitter effectively and you could be getting their customers!

3. You understand the value in building meaningful relationships and you already enjoy networking. Twitter has so many communities e.g. if you are in the beauty industry you could participate in #Irishbeautyhour and by just ‘being you’ and being helpful, I gaurantee that people will click on you and check your site out and perhaps even buy there and then.

4. You write a lot of blog posts with tips about your area of expertise. (Twitter folk love to learn and are always ready to share tips and are more likely to Retweet (Share) your content to their own followers.


5. You are an expert in your field. People who do really well on Twitter are those who have knowledge to share. Twitter users say the reason they are on Twitter is to learn. There are a huge amount of small business owners on Twitter as it is a FREE social media platform. As most small business owners don’t have a budget, they use it a lot for building relationships and driving traffic to their sites.  They understand that people buy from people. Over 85% of Twitter users say they have bought a product or service from people they have already engaged with on Twitter.

6.  You value your customer’s experience.  Twitter is the first point of contact for customers who have a complaint or something nice to say about a company. Chances are they are already talking about you on twitter so it’s important for you to know what they are saying and engage with them  to assist them. You can do Twitter polls to ask them their opinion. This is an easy way to increase engagement and start conversations also.

7. Influencers are already on Twitter. CEOs, journalists and highly influencial celebrities and leaders are already on Twitter, talking about what is going on in the business world and in the world in general. You could be engaging with these people and building relationships with them. They might even like you and start to help spread the word about you or your product.

8. Your competitors are there.  Wondering how ‘yer man down the road’ is more successful than you are? Chances are they are already tuned in to what is going on and are aware of the huge audience on Twitter waiting to buy their products or services.  If your competitors are there, chances are your customers are there too!

9.  As a prolific tweeter I often tweet to hotels or restaurants for example when I need a hotel room or table for dinner.  A response from them gets my booking. No acknowledgement? I never ask them again. And when I arrive I always take a photo and tweet from there. A Tweet to over 27k followers is a pretty valuable piece of advertising as most people go by recommendations from others. Think of Twitter as ‘word of mouth online’.

10. There are communities on Twitter in almost every type of business or interest. If you are into crafts or health or sustainability you can join in hashtags or twitter chats and share your knowledge to show that YOU are the best at what you do. Share your experience and tips and watch those sales and recommendations roll in.

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