How to improve your chances of someone clicking the ‘Follow’ button

Twitter is so fast and instant it can change your whole world with just one click. What I mean by this is that you can follow someone back that has followed you who might be the one contact or connection you have been waiting for all this time!

For example, I once put out a tweet looking for a Justin Bieber Ticket. You can read all about it here

This tweet got Re tweeted a lot! (Thanks to my wonderful followers) and in the end, I did get a ticket. But why did I get a ticket? Because the person who saw my tweet, Re-tweeted it and shared it on her Facebook business page!

What made her do this?

Was it the way I worded the tweet?

Was it because she already followed me and knew me?

Was it because she could empathize with my dilemma?

Well it was probably a bit of all of the above.  The point I am trying to make is that it can only take a click to decide whether you want to follow a person or business on twitter or not.

So why would I click on your Twitter profile?


I will click if you have an interesting looking profile. Is there anything in there that I can connect with or identify with? Are you a Mum for example. Are you into Social Media? Do you look like you could be fun? I tend to look at the last few tweets you did to see if they are good tweets, helpful tweets etc.

So when YOU are setting up your profile, keep these little things in mind.  Do you want people to follow you? Do you have a nice, funny or interesting avatar? (profile picture)

Do you say what you do? Is there a link to your site, blog or Facebook page on your profile?

Do you give a teeny bit of your personality away in your profile?  I like this. I like to see the human behind the Twitter account.  Do you say anything on your profile that might attract like minded people to follow you?

Ask yourself when you look at your profile and Bio…..would I like to follow that person? Does she or he look interesting….what are his/her last few tweets like? Are they funny, interesting, are they interacting and Retweeting others’ tweets. All of this is very important stuff, yet you decide simply by ‘clicking’.

What makes YOU click? I’d love to know what it is that is the deciding factor for you.   Is it because they already have lots of followers? Is it because they are famous? Is it because they are good at interacting and assisting others with Retweets etc? Do let me know what makes you click!



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Twitter Specialist and Trainer at Tweeting Goddess
Mum of two Girls, , I love Dignity, Compassion, Courage. #irishbizparty founder, #SBS. Winner #Tweetieinspire, Speaker, Trainer.

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Mum of two Girls, , I love Dignity, Compassion, Courage. #irishbizparty founder, #SBS. Winner #Tweetieinspire, Speaker, Trainer.
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